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Finding the perfect BBQ sauce is difficult. Finding a healthy BBQ sauce that tastes fantastic is even harder. No matter what flavor you choose, you can rest assured all of our Award Winning BBQ Sauces are healthy, gluten-free, and taste excellent on everything from chicken and ribs to baked beans and chili.

Whether you're looking for that traditional BBQ sauce taste or something a little more spicy, Guy's Award Winning BBQ Sauce has the perfect flavor for you.

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Taste The Difference

"Bought all but the "hot" and tried them all on pork today. The original is pretty good but the spicy and the smoky garlic are FANTASTIC!"

- Jonnie in Ohio

"I have been low carbing for two years now and have really missed BBQ sauce on my BBQ. I tried this not expecting much, but it was excellent! Would have used it before going low carb. Ordering more." - Michael in Florida

Mouth-Watering BBQ Sauces

Diverse selection of flavors

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Taste: Guy's BBQ Sauce has a special blend of spices that enhances the natural flavor of anything it is used on, making it the most unique BBQ Sauce on the market.


Performance: when you combine the unique taste of Guys BBQ Sauce, enhanced with our blend of spices, you are able to get a maximum amount of flavor with the minimum amount of sauce.


Texture: Guy's BBQ Sauce has just the right consistency allowing you not only to enjoy the flavor of the sauce, but also the natural flavor of whatever you're using it on.


Uses: With the excellent flavor-enhancing qualities of Guy's BBQ Sauce, there is no limit to its uses. If your mind can conceive it, Guy's BBQ Sauce can achieve it!

Our Original Sauce is available in six 112 ounce pouches. For more information please contact us.

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"Really impressed with this! Going low card meant no BBQ sauce until I found this! I had tried the Walden Farms BBQ, but it was very strong tasting of artificial sweeteners. Guy's is not. The flavor is very good and it was just the right amount of spice, but not hot. Will definitely buy more"

- A customer in Arkansas